We believe that its people that make a company. Not its business, or profits or any other yardstick.

Therefore, if we had to describe Qurate Business Intelligence based on its people, we would use the words- sharp, nimble, sincere and ambitious.

Our Team:

Mr. Archit Ajmera

Coming from the background of a business family, Archit could have easily joined family business and had it all. But easy is not a word he relates with. Carving an entrepreneurial niche for himself, Archit wanted to do something that is serviceable and yet close to his heart after completing his MBA in Marketing from MIT School of Business. Knowing the power that information holds, he co-founded his first venture in the form of Qurate Business Intelligence. As a Co-founder and Managing Director, Archit is responsible for the Marketing efforts, Customer relations and future growth of Qurate Business Intelligence.

In his free time, Archit likes to play football and find offbeat hiking places around Pune.

Ms. Nehal V. Chinoy

Much like her co-founder, Nehal gets her entrepreneurial spirit from her family. However being the independent person she is, she started a business venture of her own early on since college. She opened a studio where she singlehandedly made and sold dreamcatchers, which was quite a raging trend then. Having tasted the success, her motivation for being an entrepreneur grew from there.

Today, as a co-founder and sales director, she oversees several functions including information procurement, sales and operations at Qurate Business Solutions.

Learning new things and turning them into business opportunities is how Nehal likes to spend her free time. She also clears up her mind by indulging herself in bike rides across Pune.

The experience and knowledge together can turn the world upside down. Here is what Shekhar has. More than five years of experience in marketing domain, with three years of experience spent within industry. SEO, SEM, AdWords is what he does best. His role as a Marketing Manager, is to look after anything and everything in relevance of marketing, promotion, resource management and more.

In his free time, he likes to travel. He is some who can go an extra mile to get things done within timeline while focusing on quality of work. His contribution as core team member in Qurate is considered vital as his experience brings a lot more than value for the company.