Period Panties (Menstrual Underwear) Market is Expected to Reach $370 million by 2024

Feb. 19, 2019 | Retail and Consumer Goods

Period Panties (Menstrual Underwear) Market report entails in-depth analysis of the industry derived from the diligent research conducted by team of expert analysts. The report aims to assess entire industry with keen interest in order to deliver complete panoramic view of the industry to readers including stakeholders, suppliers, buyers, distributors, investors and others. The study focuses on major market elements such as Market Introduction, World Market Overview, Period Panties (Menstrual Underwear) Consumption 2014-2024, Consumption CAGR by Region, Market Segmentation, Market Share, Value and Market Share by Segmentation, Sale Price by Segmentation, Key Players of the market, Market Share by Players, Revenue by Market Players, Sales by Market Players, Market Concentration Rate Analysis, Competition Landscape Analysis, New Products and Potential Entrants, and more.
The report also focuses on the other significant components of the market including Mergers & Acquisitions, Expansion, Consumption Growth by Region, Key Economic Indicators, Market Drivers, Challenges and Trends, Marketing, Distributors and Customer, Sales Channel, Market Forecast, etc.
The Period Panties (Menstrual Underwear) Market report has segmented the worldwide market into various segments on the basis of parameters including product type, application, region, and more. Based on the type, the market is segmented into Women (25-50) and Girls (15-24). Based on the application, the report has segmented the market into Retail Outlets and Online Shop. On the basis of the region, the market is segmented into key regions which are likely to Americas, APAC, Europe, Middle East & Africa.
To talk about the market or industry, owing to increasing acceptance, growing awareness, enhancing healthcare infra, accessibility, and few more aspects of similar nature, the Period Panties (Menstrual Underwear) Market is most likely to $370 million by 2024 from $79 million in 2019. North America is considered as leading region in this market as they are one of the largest consumers of the product. Asia-Pacific after them is considered to hold second largest market share. It is expected that Asia Pacific region may witness rapid growth of the market in approaching years.
In recent past, many companies have entered this Period Panties (Menstrual Underwear) Market, however very few companies can be identified as key players including THINX Inc., PantyProp, Knixwear, Lunapads International, Modibodi, Period Panteez, Anigan, Uucare, DEAR KATE, others. This report characterized with noteworthy data and outstanding insights associated with Period Panties (Menstrual Underwear) Market may assist readers with business intelligence of optimal quality while reaching informed decisions within lesser time and toil.
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