Direct-to-consumer Genetic Testing (DTC) Market is Expected to Reach $580.57 million Over Forecast Period

March 28, 2019 | Healthcare and Medical

Direct-to-consumer Genetic Testing (DTC) Market research offers remarkable insights related to factors which are likely to support growth strategies of market players. This market research report entails growth estimates, forecasts, and a comprehensive analysis of all key factors at play in the Direct-to-consumer Genetic Testing (DTC) Market.

This report summarizes the service type specifications, applications of Direct-to-consumer Genetic Testing (DTC) Market. Recent policies and developments are investigated as well to help readers to enhance their understanding. Few aspects such as cost structure, prices, service growth are also examined.

The crucial growth drivers, challenges, and trends influencing the Direct-to-consumer Genetic Testing (DTC) Market are reviewed through this study. The report also enlists a detailed qualitative and quantitative data influencing to the projected impact of these factors on industry as a whole. Numerous of investigative tools have been utilized to deliver a precise understanding of this market. Also, the report is compiled in a way for the readers and customers to understand better.

According to the research report, the developing Direct-to-consumer Genetic Testing (DTC) Market is likely to witness enormous growth over forecast years and register lucrative CAGR of 14.90% to reach $580.57 million value by the end of 2024. The global market is examined on the basis of the various segments and the geographical scope of the market. Type segment enlists information and insights associated with tests such as Mitochondrial DNA testing, Single nucleotide polymorphism testing, and Y chromosome testing. This study attempts to assess the characteristics of each segment as well. This may help readers to develop strong business acumen in relevance with Direct-to-consumer Genetic Testing (DTC) Market.

This study examines the key players operating in the market based on the Product Satisfaction, Business Strategy, and Competitive News Feed Analysis Company Usability Profiles are also studied in the market intelligence report. This may help readers to understand an overall picture of the competitive landscape. Companies reviewed in this report are 23andMe, Inc., AlphaBiolabs Ltd, Counsyl, Inc., Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences FZ-LLC, EasyDNA, Gene By Gene Ltd., International Bioscience Corp, Laboratory Corporation of America, Inc., Medichecks.Com, Myriad Genetics, Inc., Positive Biosciences, Ltd., Quest Diagnostics Incorporated, Shuwen Biotech Co. Ltd., Vitagene, Inc., and Xcode Life Sciences Pvt Ltd.
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