Blockchain: Adoption in Healthcare Industry

June 12, 2019 | Healthcare and Medical

Blockchain: Adoption in Healthcare Industry” is one of the latest research reports which aims to deliver a complete analysis of the global market scenario. The report focuses on offering key insights, significant data figures and vital information regarding blockchain technology and its role in the healthcare industry from the last few months. This report shares remarkable informative texts in relation to factors which are likely to develop influence over industry in approaching times. This includes blockchain and its impact over healthcare, technological transformation, key enablers and challenges, a success story of a front runner - Alipay (Alibaba), regional market scenario and more.

Earlier, blockchain technology gained and owned all its popularity due to digital technology capabilities to transform the currency sector as bitcoin was considered as a game changer in this area. Moreover, no one imagined then that it may have more than one of the sectors open for it. Healthcare industry itself has a set of problems associated with it. Two major issues identified by many from the industry are lack of interoperability and a limited amount of linkages between healthcare storage systems. This poses numerous routine day challenges in front of practitioners, providers, and payers as well. To eliminate these from the process and transform it into effective one is what blockchain technology can do.

The “Blockchain: Adoption in Healthcare Industry” report strives to distribute information in a manner that it can be utilized by business concerns and other readers as well in enhancing their understanding regarding blockchain in the healthcare sector and its significance. This study shares detailed analysis in relevance with factors such as segments of the healthcare industry from the perspective of Blockchain technology, including its structure and ecosystem, foundational elements, types of Blockchains and their uses.

Also, moving ahead, the report shares remarkable insights and outstanding data figures regarding factors such as various use cases and applications of Blockchain in healthcare, its benefits, implementation challenges, and the expected timeline for its adoption in healthcare. Also, in addition, the study shares some of the vital future business models as well as opportunities that are expected to arise in the approaching future.

In addition, the concluding section includes a list of the top innovators and disruptors who are making their spot in the industry. Also, it shares business intelligence in relevance with the top organizations which are focused on healthcare market services while utilizing Blockchain-enabled solutions. This includes asset management, contract management, bills and claims management, medical and health records, medication and treatment adherence, clinical trial records, etc. Furthermore, this document also provides important insights and information regarding product offerings and technologies, key developments, funding activities, and the outlook that will define the future of blockchain technology in the healthcare industry. Some of the key companies profiled and studied in the research are Change Healthcare, IBM, Accenture, TraceLink, SAP, Oracle, MedicalChain, Nebula Genomics, Hashed Health,, etc.

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